Skin Care

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Skin Care is an essential part of looking your best. It is the preparation and the polish. It is a commitment that pays dividends every day of your life!
-Andrew Barnett, MD

Skin care is an essential component of a vibrant, youthful appearance. Our integrative skin care program focuses on peri-surgical and non-surgical skin health relying on a solid understanding of skin biology. Our physician recommended skin care lines provide MEDICAL LEVEL results.

Commitment to an effective skin care program is the key to maintaining healthy resilient skin with youthful tone, even pigmentation, and smooth texture. Our medical grade skin care reverses signs of aging and rejuvenates the skin. Injectables such as Botox and fillers like Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm can be integrated into a treatment plan to provide additional enhancement with limited to no downtime. (Many other fillers are also available.)

Skin care is offered to both surgical and non-surgical patients. Surgery patients benefit from our integrated skin care program, accelerating healing and maintaining the results of their facial surgery. Patients, who are not quite ready for surgery, or wish to delay surgery for a period of time, are excellent candidates for our customized skin care protocols alone or integrated with injectable fillers. Our prescription strength home care regimens are monitored by our office to assure patients safely and effectively reach their skin care goals.

The Ideal Skin Care

Cleansing and moisturizing are the two basic stages that should be included in every skin care program. You should look for a cleanser that is gentle on your skin while still removing dirt, oil, pollutants, and makeup. A proper moisturizer functions as a protection for your skin from the things that can harm it in the environment.

The Importance of Good Skin Care

Skin care aids in the maintenance of healthy skin. Because you shed skin cells naturally throughout the day, it is critical to keep your skin bright and healthy. Effective skin care can aid in the prevention of acne, the treatment of wrinkles, and the maintenance of a youthful appearance.

Your skin’s cells function more slowly as you get older, making your skin look duller and less luminous. Using a high-quality skin care line can aid in the removal of dead skin cells, allowing your body to replace them with younger, healthier cells. With proper skin care, it’s easier – and less expensive – to prevent skin problems than it is to try to treat them later.

How to Ensure Safe and Effective Skin Care

It is important that Dr. Barnett approves the products that are appropriate for your skin type and sensitivity. To test how your skin reacts, Dr. Barnett will recommend a basic and uncomplicated routine. Once you’re comfortable, other products like masks, exfoliants, and spot treatments to increase your skin’s health will be added.

If Dr. Barnett feels you have sensitive skin, he will advise you to patch test new products. This can help you see allergy reactions earlier. A small amount of a new product will be applied to your skin in a discreet region, such as the inside of your wrist or your inner arm, to patch test it. Then you will wait 48 hours and watch for any adverse reactions.

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