Photo Directions

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Patients often want to send photos to Dr. Barnett for review.  The photos need to be of adequate quality as the quality of the photo is directly related to the quality of the assessment Dr. Barnett can provide.

Our office staff or Dr. Barnett will direct you where to send the photos.

Here are some tips:

Tip #1 – Use your cell phone.  Cell phones all have cameras which are adequate for the photos and they also make it easy to send the photos.

Tip #2 – Look at the photos before you send them.  If you can’t see what you’d like to show Dr. Barnett, he won’t be able to see it either.

Tip #3Avoid bright lights.  Take the photo with a neutral background.  Stand or sit in front of a blank wall. Use the flash on your cell phone.

Tip #4 – No backlighting.  Don’t shoot with a bright light or sunlight behind you.  Don’t shoot with you in front of a window.

Tip #5 – Show both sides and a front view.  If you have concerns about one side, it’s helpful to see the other side.

Here are some sample photos that are perfect:


Cellular service and email are not HIPAA compliant.  Dr. Barnett cannot guarantee the security of photos sent by cellular service or email. By using either cellular service or email to send photos you accept the risk that photos may be seen by individuals other than Dr. Barnet and his staff. By sending your photos, or communicating your concerns by email or SDMS text, you authorize Dr. Barnett and his staff to respond by non-HIPAA compliant email or SDMS text.