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Maxine tells us how she feels about her surgery and what made her decide to do it.


“Dr. Barnett and his staff made me feel at ease and confident”

5 Star Rating

I chose Dr. Barnett based on his reviews and also on the fact that he did my doctor’s eyelid surgery. I am really picky as to where and who I seek medical care from because I am a registered nurse and only settle for the best. I remember going in to see my doctor and noticing immediately that she looked amazing. She shared with me that Dr. Barnett had performed Blepharoplasty and that she was very pleased with the result. I am 56 years old and started pondering the thought of having eyelid surgery in my mid-forties. Recently, every time I would catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror or a window I would hate the way I looked. My “eye-bags” added years to my appearance and made it look like I always had a tired look on my face.

I had my surgery on June 22, 2017 and could not have asked for a better result. I had both upper and lower Blepharoplasty and literally it took ten years off my appearance, I no longer have that tired look all the time. Dr. Barnett was honest with me in that he said that he would not be able to correct the chronic cheek swelling that I have but did give suggestions on how to reduce that.

This was my first surgery ever and Dr. Barnett and his staff made me feel at ease and confident that I was in safe hands.

by Maria, Concord, CA

“I can’t thank him enough for the awesome job he has done”

5 Star Rating

I’ve known Dr.Barnett as a child and now as a woman, I made the decision to get a breast augmentation. He was the first person I thought of to do the job. I can’t thank him enough for the awesome job he has done. It has built my confidence through the roof. He as well as the receptionist were very attentive and called to check up on me. From the beginning of my consultations to the end result I have felt so relaxed and happy with him and his performance. I recommend him to all and was truly blessed with an amazing recovery! The compliments I have received on how good they look and how great of a job he’s done is overwhelming..happy is all I can say after having them for 8 months now !!! Please get in touch with him if you’re thinking of getting one done!!

by Bianca C., Clayton, CA

“Thank you a million times Dr. Barnett!”

5 Star Rating

My daughter did extensive research and met with several plastic surgeons.
After meeting Dr. Barnett she knew he was the very best choice. She had her surgery in September and after seeing the results and being with her every step of the way, I knew it was something I had to do for myself as well. And there was no other option other than Dr. Barnett. He is an amazing surgeon and special person and we’ve enjoyed knowing him not only as a professional but as a caring human being. I am so happy with the results that I am already planning my next surgery to help sculpt my body after major weight loss.

Thank you a million times Dr. Barnett!

by Debbie B., Concord, CA

“I highly recommend Dr. Barnett”

5 Star Rating

After thoroughly consulting with 5 top surgeons in the Bay Area, I chose Dr. Barnett. My surgery for neck, lower face, upper lip, brow lifts, upper eyelids and facial fat transfers was done two months ago. He is incredibly talented, skillful-a fantastic surgeon! And my results are fabulous and I hear will only get better with time I’m very happy! About me, I am a RN in the Bay Area and as a RN I am very thorough and knowledgeable. And, I am very picky. Dr. Barnett from the first consult (which he spent over 1 hour with me, no one else did) and throughout the whole course (pre and post op) of surgery has been wonderful! He’s a patient (I’m a list person), considerate, hands on, pleasant and caring surgeon. He always puts me at ease at every step. 10 days post-op I bumped and opened up the incision in my upper eyelid (I had watched 3 episodes of GOT before bedtime and had a nightmare-not recommended :(. I called him at 1am and he was so supportive and kind and mended me the very next morning. I highly recommend Dr. Barnett.

by Karen S., Moraga, CA

“He really went above and beyond what I expected”

5 Star Rating

Never before have I met a doctor who listened to me as well as Dr. Barnett. I booked a consult with him to discuss a very minor eyelid surgery operation and he gave me truly insightful advice. He showed me what the potential outcome could look like and explained all the post-op and recovery so patiently. He really went above and beyond what I expected, which after a few bad consults was not much.

by Withheld for Privacy

“I could not be more happy with the outcome!”

5 Star Rating

This was the first plastic surgeon I met who made me feel like he actually cared about his patients and helping them achieve the best possible outcome. At this point I have no interest in finding a new surgeon, and highly recommend him and his staff is amazing as well! He could not have done a better job, and I could not be more happy with the outcome!

by Jeddie K., San Francisco, CA