Scientific Publications

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Research: Viral Ultrastructure Analysis
Johns Hopkins University
1975 – 1976
Rheumatoid Joint Mechanics
Harvard University/M.I.T.
Angiogenesis Factor-Diabetic Retinopathy
Johns Hopkins University
1978 – 1979
Angiogenesis Factor-Hemangiomas
Stanford University
Synthetic Wound Dressings-Laboratory
Stanford University
1981 – 1983
Synthetic Wound Dressings-Clinical
Stanford University
1981 – 1983
Facial Anthropometry-3D Imaging and Modeling
University of Pennsylvania
Tissue Stress-Strain Analysis
Stanford University
1984 – 1985
Facial Anthropometry-Bone/Soft Tissue Relationship
San Francisco, CA
1994 – 1996
Laser Physics-Small Vessel Intimal Damage
San Francisco, CA
1994 – 1996
Associated Interests: Founder and President
Medical Media Consulting Services, Inc.
Video and Film Production
Medical Industrial Films and Commercials
1983 – 1985
Rheumatoid Joint Mechanics
Harvard University/M.I.T.
Founder and Partner
Compu-Medical Systems
Office Automation Software and Support
I.B.M. – V.A.R.
1986 – 1987
Founder and President
Medical Soft Sculpture, Inc.
Medical Educational Aids
1989 – 1993
Innovative Health Concepts, Inc.
Multi-Center Laser treatment facilities
1993 – 1996
Founder and CEO
ABP Technology, LLC
Hospital Information Technology
2012 – Present
Publications: Barnett, A.B., Ott, R., and Laub, D.R..
Failure of Healign of Split Skin Graft Donor Sites.
Plast. Reconst. Surg. 64;97, 1979
Barnett, A.B., Berkowitz, L.R., Mills, R., and Vistnes, L.M..
Scalp as a Skin Graft Donor Site – Rapid Re-Use with Synthetic Adhesive Moisture Vapor Permeable Dressing.
J.Trauma 23;148, 1983
Barnett, A.B., Berkowitz, L.R., Mills, R., and Vistnes, L.M..
Comparison of Synthetic Adhesive Moisture Vapor Permeable and Fine Mesh Gauze Dressings for Split Thickness Skin Graft Donor Sites
Am.J.Surg. 145;379, 1983
Barnett, A.B., and Pearl, R..
Finger Tourniquet
Plast. Reconst. Surg. 71;134, 1983
Barnett, A.B., Lavey, E., Pearl, R., and Vistnes, L.M..
Toxic Shock Syndrome from an Infected Breast Prosthesis
Ann. Plast. Surg., 10;408, 1983
Barnett, A.B., Dave, B., Ksander, G., and Vistnes, L.M..
A Concentration Gradient of Bacteria Within Wound Tissues and Scab. J. Surg. Research., 41;326, 1986
Barnett, A.B., and Whitaker, L.A..
Facial Form Analysis of the Lower and Mid Face
Plast. Reconst. Surg., 78;158, 1986
Barnett, A.B., and Farkas, L..
Aesthetics of the Human Face
In Whitaker, L.A., and Ortiz-Monasterio, F., eds.
Aesthetic Surgery of the Facial Skeleton. 1987
Barnett, A.B.
Transaxillary Subpectoral Augmentation in the Ptotic Breast: Augmentation by Disruption of the Extended Pectoral Facia and Parenchymal Sweep
Plast. Reconst. Surg. 86;76, 1990
Presentations: Multiple regional, national and international medical meetings – Current list on request