Your Consultation

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Your consultation is the critical first step in the process toward successful cosmetic surgery. The core of my practice is partnership with patients, which begins at the consultation. You as the patient bring your desires, goals, and questions. I bring knowledge, empathy, and decades of surgical skill combined with artistic sensitivity. Our office is a safe, easy and discreet environment for you to feel comfortable discussing your surgical interests.

My goal is to formulate a customized surgical plan that is the least invasive and most efficient, to provide you with the natural results you want, in the safest way possible. If available, I will provide you with options and alternatives.

I’ll start by asking you questions, and perhaps review photos you bring with you. We may use computer imaging to visualize prospective results and then look at pre and post operative photos while I answer any questions you have along the way. Your health intake forms will be reviewed and a procedure specific exam will be performed.

Once I’ve formulated a plan, I will explain each option of that plan in detail, including how it will help you achieve your goals, the anticipated result, the procedure, recovery time, and risks and potential complications.I will answer all of your questions. Being fully educated on your options is important to me. It enables you to make the decision that is right for you.

Finally, you will meet with my patient counselor who is very experienced and knowledgeable about our procedures. She will review any questions you may have, and then provide you with a comprehensive quote for the surgical procedures, including the various options. She will work with you on scheduling and be your primary contact with future questions. She can also assist with coordination of transportation, lodging, and aftercare needs.

It is important to me that you don’t feel rushed and have ample time to get all of your questions and concerns addressed. Consultations typically last 1 hour followed by a short, usually 15-minute meeting with my patient counselor. You will never be pressured to make a decision, and if you need a second consultation at no additional charge, we will schedule that visit.

Phone consultations are available for out of town patients. Please contact our office and we will email you instructions on how to send photos which I will need to review prior to a phone consultation call.