Depressed or sunken cheeks can have an adverse effect on how you perceive yourself. I have both men and women who come into my office and say they are unhappy with their facial structure. Filling in your cheeks can give you a better profile and a more balanced overall appearance. Patients who are looking to add long-term volume to their features yet aren’t ready for a full facelift, may want to consider a fat transfer procedure.

How It Works

Fat grafting (or fat transfer) is a minimally-invasive in-office procedure that’s done in a simple 3-step visit. First, a small amount of autologous fat (fat from your own body) is removed from a predetermined area (typically the abdomen, thighs, flanks, upper arms, or hips) via liposuction. Next, one of our skilled technicians will process and cleanse the fat while you wait. Lastly, the fat is injected under the cheekbone to give you a fuller-looking facial appearance. Fat transfer may be a bit more time-consuming to perform than pre-packaged dermal fillers, but the results are much longer lasting.

Fat Grafting Results

How your body reacts to fat transfer plays a significant role in the outcome of your procedure. Because fat is living tissue, it’s naturally reabsorbed into your body and develops a new blood supply. Fat cells are incredibly temperamental. During your fat grafting procedure, I add extra volume to compensate for fat cells that may not survive the injection process. Final results can be seen in as little as 3-months. Fat transfer is considered a permanent procedure, however, weight gain (or loss) can affect the outcome.

Am I a Good Candidate?

You may be right for fat grafting if you would like to enhance the appearance of your facial features and have a suitable donor site. Some patients may be a better fit for dermal fillers such as Sculptra©, Restylane©, or Juvederm© products. At your initial consultation, I will perform a full facial evaluation and talk to you about your expectations. Together, we can create an individualized plan to help you achieve your desired results.

Ready to look and feel your best? Schedule a consult to talk about your options today. Consultations are available in both our San Francisco and Walnut Creek offices.You may schedule for either location by calling (415) 879-8735.  Renee or Laurie will help you with the scheduling and answer any pre-consultation questions you may have!