Non-surgical cosmetic procedures have been gaining popularity in recent years for good reasons. The fillers available and the results obtained, when performed appropriately, are better and better. I believe in fillers as an option, and I offer them and do all the injections myself in my practice. Unfortunately, I see all too many cases where they are used inappropriately. While dermal fillers offer promising results, they are not an alternative to a facelift. If you are looking to address minor early-on signs of aging with a quick, in-office visit, or to maintain the results of your facelift by addressing limited areas, fillers may be right for you. However, the majority of patients concerned about significant aging will see more advantages with traditional facelift procedures.

Injectables can be a tempting option for patients with busy lifestyles. That’s why, as a board-certified plastic surgeon, I pair advanced surgical techniques with the skill and artistry necessary to maximize your results with as little downtime as possible. Today, we’ll take a look at a few reasons you should consider a facelift over dermal fillers.

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#1: Natural-Looking Results

When done incorrectly, dermal fillers can leave patients with an unnatural appearance. Many patients (and providers) tend to overcompensate with fillers, which can lead to distorted facial proportions or unwanted facial stiffness. If you decide to opt for injectables to address your anti-aging concerns, be sure to choose a skilled provider with expertise in facial anatomy.

#2: The No-Downtime Myth

It’s true – you’ll be able to get back to work and most of your normal routines directly after soft tissue fillers. However, many patients aren’t aware of the potential complications and side effects they face with fillers. Many patients can expect tenderness, swelling, and even bruising for up to 10-14 days following treatment with fillers. Fillers are temporary meaning multiple ongoing trips to the office – and that time takes you away from the office and your family. Pair that with potential bruising and swelling with each treatment, and your total downtime from fillers quickly surpasses the recovery from a well-performed facelift.

#3: Effectively Address More Concerns

Dermal fillers can be effective for limited volumizing of the face, but their main indication is addressing wrinkles and depressions in the skin. Pushing the envelope by using more and more fillers to avoid a facelift creates facial distortion – which we all see! A facelift can address sagging skin, reposition fat pads, and restore a more youthful appearance. The facelift alone can address limited facial volume loss and when paired with fat grafting, using your own body fat, can address moderate to severe volume loss with a natural supple result.

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#4: Similar Price Tags

While dermal fillers are certainly less expensive initially, the cost of your treatments can quickly add up. Maintaining results means keeping up with treatments on a regular basis.

Furthermore, most patients need more and more product to get the results they want after each treatment making them less cost-effective in the long run. Facelift procedures are a one-time procedure with a single expense.

#5: Long-Term Results

Dermal fillers are naturally reabsorbed into the body over time. Your minimally-invasive procedure may need to be repeated several times per year depending on the treatment area and your natural aging process. With a traditional facelift,you’ll be able to enjoy long-lasting results for 10-15 years. Best yet, you’ll always have a younger-looking appearance than if you hadn’t had the procedure done.

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