Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is a surgical procedure designed to reduce, lift, and reshape breasts to reduce the discomfort related to large breasts, and to create better proportion and balance with the rest of the body. The procedure is highly individualized but may include removal of excess skin, lifting and repositioning the breasts, removal of excess glandular tissue and fat to make the breast size smaller and reshaping to provide more symmetry between the breasts. Most women feel an immediate sense of relief after the procedure with an increase in their self-image.

New techniques, developed in France, have revolutionized the results, significantly reduced scarring, dramatically decreased pain following surgery, and create a long lasting lift. Not every woman is a candidate for these techniques, but in practice, over 90% of women do qualify.

Having performed well over 5,000 breast enhancement procedures, I feel confident in providing you with the best possible outcome. Prior to the procedure, there are several key elements I make sure to address in order to ensure your goals can be met without complications. I work with each woman independently to assess her candidacy for breast reduction.

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#1: You are in otherwise good health

As a part of your pre-screening for breast reduction, you’ll need to undergo a brief medical evaluation, including blood work. The ideal candidate for the procedure is an otherwise healthy woman who is a non-smoker. While it is best for you to be close to your desired weight, generally being overweight does not prevent you from having breast reduction surgery.

#2: Overly large breasts cause you physical discomfort

If you have back, shoulder, or neck pain as a result of your large breasts, you may be a good fit for a reduction procedure. Overly large breasts can cause you physical discomfort, and interfere with your lifestyle. In some cases, large breasts can result in rashes or infections under the breasts.

#3: One or both breasts are disproportionate to your body

Many women choose a breast reduction for aesthetic reasons as well. After the procedure, clothing generally fits better, and patients gain a more balanced shape. Breast reduction has both physical and emotional benefits for the majority of women who undergo the procedure.

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#4: You have time to commit to recovery

While a breast reduction can have life-changing results for the right woman, it is a surgical procedure that requires adequate time to heal properly. Typically, I recommend taking five to seven days off work, seven days before returning to the gym for somewhat limited activity, and approximately six weeks before returning to high impact activities like running.

#5: You have realistic expectations about the procedure

Women should go into the procedure with a good understanding of the anticipated results. You’re much more likely to have an optimal outcome once you have realistic expectations about what the procedure can do for you. No two procedures are performed exactly the same, nor are the results the same for any two women. During your initial consultation, in addition to an examination, I will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your options and alternatives, discuss risks, potential complications, recovery time and anticipated results. You will view over 100 photographs of pre and post-operative results. You’re encouraged to ask lots of questions to ensure your concerns are addressed and your desired results are achieved.

Great, great and great. Dr Barnett is an artist. I trust his work and judgement. He knows how to turn your clock back naturally. The absolute best

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