Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is a commonly requested procedure among aging adults. The eyes can be one of the first tell-tale signs that you’re aging faster on the outside than you feel on the inside. Most patients are happy with the results of their procedure immediately and can maintain lasting results for a lifetime to come. One of the best things about an eyelid lift is the relatively short recovery period.

Eyelid lift procedures are highly customizable to the patient’s wishes. You may choose to undergo the procedure for aesthetic reasons or functional purposes such as a sagging upper lid that impedes your field of vision. I work closely with each patient to help them achieve their desired results through upper and lower eyelid lifts and/or combination blepharoplasties.

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*Individuals Results May Vary

What Happens the Day of My Procedure?

Upper eyelid surgery is the most common type of blepharoplasty and is done with a local anesthetic. Lower eyelid surgery is slightly more complex and requires the use of general anesthesia. Either way, I use advanced surgical skills and artistry to ensure incisions are opened and closed in a way to maximize comfort while minimizing recovery times.

You can go home the same day or have the option to stay overnight. Once home, you’ll need to take it easy and not overstrain your eyes for the first several days. Cold compresses, prescription medications, and light activities like walking around the house can facilitate a speedy healing process with reduced swelling and bruising.

What Recovery Can I Expect?

Stitches will be removed anywhere from 4-7 days following your procedure. After stitches removed, a light dusting of cosmetics can be used to mask any unwanted bruising. While some patients decide to head back to work in as little as 3-days, I often recommend taking at least 1-week to ensure you’re healed properly. In most cases, the majority of bruising and swelling will have been resolved within 1-2 weeks.

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Strenuous activities should be kept to a minimum throughout the first week. Activities that involve increased blood flow to the treatment area should be avoided for 2+ weeks. If your eyes become tired or heavy, it’s a good idea to give them a rest. You can avoid prolonging the healing process by closely following your post-surgical recovery plan.

Is An Eyelid Lift Right for Me?

You may be a good candidate for blepharoplasty if you’d like a one-time procedure to improve the overall appearance of your upper face. Patients should be in good general health with realistic expectations. As with any surgical procedure, non-smokers have the best outcome. Patients who do smoke should be willing to abstain for 6-weeks beforehand and throughout the recovery process.

During your in-person consultation, we’ll speak about your concerns in-depth before deciding if an eyelid lift is right for you. As a board-certified surgeon, I’m committed to providing patient-centric care and will never pressure you into any procedures. I want you to have the best possible outcome with the least amount of downtime.

Great, great and great. Dr Barnett is an artist. I trust his work and judgement. He knows how to turn your clock back naturally. The absolute best

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*Individual results may vary.