Neck Lift Surgery Walnut CreekA commonly asked question among many patients who walk through my door is ‘What’s the difference between a facelift and a neck lift?’ Typically, that’s followed up with a prompt ‘Which is right for me?’ While it’s nearly impossible to determine which procedure you’ll benefit from the most without an in-person evaluation, I’ll do my best to lay the groundwork here.

To start, it’s important to note, for many men and women, it isn’t necessarily an ‘either, or’ situation. The procedures are complimentary – they work well together.  When someone looks at you they see your face and neck together so if there are issues with your neck and not your face – you can address just the neck (and vice versa).  But, if both need work, the question is, will you look natural if only one is treated?

A facelift or neck lift can be done on their own to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and more. The procedures can also be performed alongside one another for a harmonized look with only one recovery period. Today, we’ll take a closer look at both procedures. At your in-person consultation and evaluation, I’ll go into each more in-depth.

What Does a Lower Facelift Address?

A facelift treats the lower face (cheeks to jawline) towards the forehead resulting in a more youthful appearance. Everything from wrinkles to sagging skin can be corrected on the cheek, jowls, and jawline. Facelifts can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete with a recovery time of about 1-2 weeks. Results are long-lasting, and facelifts are often said to take 10 – 15 years off your facial appearance.

What Does a Neck Lift Address?

A neck lift is performed similarly to that of a facelift. However, excess skin is lifted below the chin rather than towards the upper region of the face. A neck lift can address ‘turkey waddle,’ excess fat under the chin, and improve bothersome vertical neck bands. Your neck lift procedure may take anywhere from 1-2 hours and can be done in combination with liposuction for more dramatic results. Most patients say they look and feel 10-15 years younger after their neck lift.

Neck Lift Walnut Creek

*Individuals Results May Vary

What’s Right for Me?

The only way to determine what cosmetic procedure is right for you is through a face to face consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon such as myself. Although age is not a defining factor, patients who are in their 30s or younger may achieve desired results solely with a neck lift. Men and women in their 40s-50s can likely benefit from a facelift on its own. Typically, when patients reach their 50s a combination procedure is recommended for an optimal outcome.

Ready to look and feel your best? Schedule a consultation to discuss your options today. Consultations are available in both our San Francisco and Walnut Creek offices. You may schedule for either location by calling (415) 362-1221.  Renee or Laurie will help you and answer any pre-consultation questions you may have!