So, you’ve had breast surgery and you’re understandably anxious to get back on the court. However, breast augmentations require recovery time. Tennis is considered a strenuous activity that uses your entire body. If you’re not careful, overhead stretching and serving can prolong your healing process, and the high impact nature of the sport can put strain on your breasts. It’s important to closely follow your post-surgical instructions to avoid infection, increased scarring, and other potential complications.

Play Tennis After Breast Augmentation Walnut Creek

Breast Augmentation Recovery

No two women are identical. The size and placement of your implants will partially determine how quickly you’ll recover from your surgery. Although downtime can vary greatly from person to person, you’ll probably begin to feel more like yourself 2 weeks post surgery, and there will be some tightness and discomfort up to six weeks after surgery. Just because you’re feeling a little better doesn’t mean it’s the right time to jump into your old exercise routines. Heed your body’s warnings by not rushing things. It will tell you when enough is enough.

Breast Augmentation Walnut Creek
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When Can I Exercise after Breast Augmentation?

Exercise, when done in moderation, can increase blood flow and promote proper healing. That being said, you’ll need to work up to your old routines slowly. In most cases, you can start with short warm-up sessions around 4-weeks post-surgery. Mini-volleys that don’t require much stretching should be perfectly fine. Later, you can work yourself up to simple groundstrokes while wearing a supportive or compressive garment. It’s natural to feel a ‘pulling’ sensation at first which should go away after a while as your breasts naturally settle into their new position.

Your first game should be with a non-stressful group. Enjoy a few relaxing games of tennis with friends until you feel more comfortable. Sooner than later, you’ll be playing tennis without thinking twice about your new breasts!

A good target to be fully back in the game is 6 weeks after surgery.

Keep in mind that every patient is unique and I will create an individual recovery plan, including your return to tennis, that is customized to your needs.

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