It’s that time of year again. Active men and women are making the most of the season by suiting up and hitting the slopes (including me!). But many aren’t quite sure how much recovery time they’ll need post-procedure for complete recovery. Eyelid surgery is extremely popular, and winter is a good time for surgery. Recovery time is a common question. Most swelling, bruising, and pain are gone within one to two weeks but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re fully recovered. Physical activities can elevate blood pressure and prolong your healing time, and skiing also exposes patients to fairly severe environmental conditions – cold, drying wind, and high UV ray exposure from the sun.

Eyelid Surgery Walnut Creek

When is Skiing an Option?

Although you may feel 100%, your body can take several months to completely heal from surgery. Protective eyewear may not fit properly during the initial healing process. Recovery time varies from patient-to-patient but most non-smokers are healed enough around week two to return to their normal workout regime. If you must participate in a sport that requires protective eyewear, go big. Large goggles that fit securely on your head without slipping and sliding are your best bet.

With the use of proper equipment, you can probably get away with more strenuous activities such as skiing in as little as two-weeks post-op. Remember to start off slow and listen to your body.

When Should I Stop Exercising?

Listen to me first, then once you’ve started exercising, listen to your body.  Excess straining of the eyes after eyelid surgery can cause bleeding and longer recovery time. Exercise can also elevate blood pressure which is typically a no-no post-surgery. Immediately stop physical activities such as skiing if bleeding, swelling, or blurry vision occurs.

Warning Signs to Stop Exercising

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