Whether you’re interested in an augmentation, breast reduction, or a breast lift, part of my job as a board-certified plastic surgeon is to ensure the best possible outcome. However, to avoid potential complications, breast surgery requires a good deal of planning ahead on your end. Having performed 5,000-plus breast surgeries, I know just how important it is to be prepared ahead of time. That way, when the day of your surgery arrives, you can spend that time resting and comfortably relaxing worry-free.

Two-Weeks Prior

You may not realize it but there are plenty of things you can be doing to prepare for your breast surgery weeks before. Two-weeks prior to your breast surgery you’ll be asked to have all of your required lab tests completed. Patients will be asked to stop smoking (this includes all forms of nicotine, and yes, marijuana) two-weeks pre-surgery at the very least. Medications that thin the blood will need to be stopped during this time as well (a full list will be provided). Payment should also be squared away by this time.

You’ll also need to make arrangements for the day-of as well as plenty of recovery time. For instance, you absolutely cannot be left alone for a minimum of 24-hours post-surgery. Someone will need to be at your side during this time. Most breast surgeries are performed on an out-patient basis. You’ll need to have somebody there to drive you to and from the procedure (a backup doesn’t hurt either). You will not be permitted to leave without a scheduled driver. Child and pet care should also be arranged for several days following your procedure. Schedule plenty of time off work for yourself too (1-2 weeks min).

Planning for Breast Surgery in Walnut Creek

One-Week Prior

One-week before your surgery, you’ll pick up any medications I’ve prescribed and begin taking them. The main thing you can do for yourself, however, is prepare your home for an easy recovery. Have the house and laundry cleaned. Prep meals and entertainment for yourself for the next week. Set up your sleeping area for success. Ensure you have plenty of pillows to sleep in an upward position. Prepare a bedside table with everything you’ll need (water bottles, cell phone, books, snacks, wastebasket, medications, etc).

One-Day Prior

Pack a bag (keep it light!) with loose-fitting clothing to wear home and any essentials you may need on the day of your surgery (water bottle, keys, snacks, I.D., and cash are all good examples). A post-surgical bra will be provided in-office. Do not eat any food or water for 8-hours pre-surgery.

Day-Of Preparation

Take the entire day off from work. Consider your surgery as you complete your morning routine. No lotion or deodorant should be applied. You’re free to brush your teeth but do not swallow any water. It’s vital that your stomach be empty at the time of your surgery. Bring all medications you’re taking with you to your visit. Plan to arrive at least 2-hours early for check-in.

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