A “turkey neck” or “turkey waddle” can be a bothersome concern for many men and women. The skin on our neck is thinner and more susceptible to the effects of sun damage and aging. Some patients are so embarrassed by the lower face and neck that it affects the clothing they wear and the social activities they participate in. But, a “turkey neck” is something that can safely be addressed with surgery.

The gold standard procedure for an unwanted “turkey neck” is a neck lift. The procedure is highly versatile, and my go-to treatment for contouring the ideal jawline. I’ve performed hundreds of face and neck lift procedures all with exceptional outcomes. Each procedure is tailored to the specific needs of the client and designed to help him or her achieve their desired results.

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Benefits of a Neck Lift

A neck lift is able to address a variety of aesthetic problems from vertical neck bands to producing a more contoured jawline. In most cases, a 90-degree angle between the jaw and the neck is considered to be the profile of choice. Through advanced surgical means, we’re able to restore more youthful facial contours from every viewpoint.

The procedure can also reduce the appearance of the dreaded “double chin” by thinning or removing both superficial fat (over the platysma muscle) and deep fat (under the platysma muscle). Platysma muscles are joined in the center and are tightened for long-term results that can last for years – most often forever.. A neck lift is an ideal procedure for patients who’d like to “re-set the hands of time” with minimal recovery or downtime.

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Another contributing factor to “turkey neck” is excessive skin that’s overly wrinkly or saggy. An extended neck lift may be enlisted to combat these moderate-to-severe concerns. In these cases, a slightly larger incision is made allowing me to adjust, tighten, and remove the loose skin that’s causing you grief.

It’s important to know that necklifts are often combined with facelifts to maximize results.  As an artist, I look at the entire face and neck, not just individual elements. The best results occur when everything blends naturally and harmoniously.  A tight neck with a loose, sagging face, is not an improvement. I will certainly guide you in this particularly area as we all tend to focus on single issues when looking at ourselves – my job is to educate you to the best procedure (and to offer various appropriate alternatives.)

Is A Neck Lift Right for You?

Occasionally, patients may choose to enlist the help of combination procedures for dramatic results with a single recovery period. A chin augmentation is frequently paired with neck lift procedures to further improve the overall contours of the face. During your in-person consultation, we’ll discuss all of your options in-depth so you can make an informed decision about what’s right for you.

Great, great and great. Dr Barnett is an artist. I trust his work and judgement. He knows how to turn your clock back naturally. The absolute best

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*Individual results may vary.