Facelifts can be both physically and emotionally beneficial. Patients can achieve a younger, well-rested appearance and enjoy a newfound confidence. The procedure reduces visible signs of aging for men and women alike. Fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, brown spots, volume-loss, and lax skin can all be addressed.

The longevity of your facelift is dependent upon your overall health, age, bone structure, previous surgeries, skin elasticity, and the surgical technique used. I use the most advanced techniques to ensure long-term results. When done correctly, the incremental benefits from your facelift can continue to occur upwards of a decade or more, and some aspects of the surgery, such as the neck, effectively last forever!

So, how can you get the most out of your facelift? Let’s take a look.

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Maintaining Your Facelift: At Home

Maintaining the results from your facelift can take a bit of effort on your part. A healthy lifestyle is key to prolonging the outcome of your facelift procedure. Aside from diet and exercise, what can you do?

  • Start good skin practices. Medical-grade skin care products can help enhance and maintain your cosmetic surgery results.
  • Nix the bad stuff. Smoking, drinking, and sun-exposure (tanning beds included!) can make us age more rapidly. If you can’t cut the bad stuff out completely, stick to them in moderation.

Maintain your weight. Fluctuating in weight can stretch out the facial tissues to the point where they lose their elastic quality and sag or droop.

How Can We Help?

Aging happens. The reality is that no surgery can completely stop the march of time. That being said, our practice offers a wide variety of non-surgical treatments that can be used to prolong the effects of your surgery down the line. From our long line of dermal fillers to Botox treatments, we’ll have something to help you meet your skincare needs. I see all my patients multiple times during the first few months after their facelift, then annually forever! There is never a charge for the follow-up visits, and even if you’re not interested in any additional treatments, it’s a great way to review both your concerns and needs, and to stay up to date on the latest treatments.


Ready to look and feel your best? Schedule a consultation to discuss your options today. Consultations are available in both our San Francisco and Walnut Creek offices. You may schedule for either location by calling (415) 362-1221. Renee or Laurie will help you and answer any pre-consultation questions you may have!