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Nipple Correction

Nipples are not the first thing that people think of when they think of cosmetic surgery, but for patients who are unhappy with the shape, size, or projection of their nipples, cosmetic improvement is important. Both men and women have questions about nipple enhancement, and relatively simple procedures can provide the answers!

-Andrew Barnett, MD

What is the anatomy of the nipple?

The breast is a specialized organ composed of glandular material. In men, the glands are non-functional - in women they function primarily for milk production following pregnancy. If you picture the breast as a cluster of grapes, the individual grapes are individual glands, the stems are the ducts, and where the main stem ends is analogous to the nipple. The nipple is surrounded by pigmented skin called the areola.

What are the common cosmetic concerns?

Patients commonly are concerned about the size, shape, and projection of the nipple. ·Size Nipples are occasionally quite large. This is seen both before and after breast-feeding. ·Shape The nipple may have a narrow base and a broad top, similar to a mushroom. ·Projection Projection issues are divided into: oInversion This is when the nipple is actually below the level of the areola. oLong The nipples may be excessively long, with a tendency to droop or hang.

How are these problems corrected?

Generally, the procedures are performed in the office or in the operating room if performed in conjunction with other procedures such as breast enlargement. The nipple is reshaped, reduced, or released to produce a more attractive appearance. Local anesthesia is used, and you may return to normal activities quickly. The nipple must be protected while it is healing, so this may limit things such as swimming or strenuous activity for one to two weeks.

Does the surgery affect sensitivity or breast-feeding?

This is a major issue. Both sensitivity and the ability to breast-feed may be affected. Patients who are unable to accept these risks should not elect to have nipple enhancement surgery. These are the most common problems related to surgery; other risks will be discussed with you at your consultation.

Should I have nipple enhancement surgery?

That’s a question that only you can answer. At your consultation, we will discuss the procedure in detail, including the risks and potential complications, recovery time, and anticipated results. Together, we will find the answer that’s right for you!

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“I am a registered nurse… so after a lot of research and speaking to other physicians and fellow nurses… my decision was made. He is an artist and I believe the best in his field. Now my favorite thing to do is shop for bras. Thanks Dr. B, you are truly the best.”

-AN, RN, Napa, CA

“As a physician, I know about physician hype and marketing, the go to surgeon nonsense… Having lived and worked in the Bay area for many years, when it was my time I asked colleagues who performs consistently excellent facial work. Your name came up repeatedly… While I was impressed with your professionalism, it is the artistic, balanced, natural result that reminds me everyday that I made the right choice putting my face in your hands. Thank you.”

-LC, MD, Palm Springs, CA

“When I tell people that I have two adult children, they look at me and say, “You must have been a child bride.” Well I love the look on their faces when I tell them I’m 63. Sometimes I say “You know, Dr. Barnett is my secret weapon”, but most of the time I just say, “Oh, I guess I’m lucky. Good genes…” If they only knew! You are wonderful.”

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