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Out of Town Patients

Many of our patients travel to the San Francisco Bay Area for surgery. Over the years we've developed a system to make the entire experience safe, efficient, and pleasant, without compromise to the high standards set by Dr. Barnett. Our Medical Concierge service can assist you on each step of your trip. Please review the following:

Step One: Initial Contact

Contact our Patient Counselor. She will discuss your particular interest, review the procedure, outline the recovery period, and answer any general questions. She will also direct you to email or mail photographs of your areas of concern. Click for Photo Directions

Step Two: Initial e-Consultation with Dr. Barnett

After your photos are received, Dr. Barnett will review them, along with any other information you send. Our Patient Counselor will contact you to set up a telephone consultation with Dr. Barnett. During the telephone consultation with Dr. Barnett, he will review your concerns and provide you with a recommendation for care. While not as good as a face to face meeting, Dr. Barnett can usually outline a treatment plan. The final decision and recommendations may be modified when you meet with Dr. Barnett in person.

Step Three: Price Quote and Scheduling

Our Patient Counselor will email a price quote for the proposed surgery , then call to discuss the recommendations. Once you've made the decision to go ahead with the surgery, she will work with you to finalize plans. We generally require medical clearance and some preliminary blood tests that can be obtained through your local physician. You will receive comprehensive written instructions and our Counselor will call to facilitate each step of the process. Arrangements for post-surgical care will be made based on your needs and Dr. Barnett's recommendations. Safety and the best outcome are most important, but we can also help you and your traveling partner enjoy our beautiful city!

Step Four: Pre-Operative Visit

You will meet with Dr. Barnett a few days before your surgery. Final examination and final decisions as to the best surgical approach will be made at this visit.

Step Five: Surgery

Surgery is performed at St. Francis Memorial Hospital. St. Francis is located in downtown San Francisco and has a reputation for excellence and caring. Dr. Barnett has been Chairman of Plastic Surgery, and is currently on the Board of Directors of the hospital.

Step Six: Post-Surgery Care

Depending on the specific procedure, we generally recommend that you plan on spending at least seven days in San Francisco after surgery prior to returning home. During that time, you will see Dr. Barnett in follow up. There are a number of Post-Surgery recovery options, from staying in the hospital for a few nights, staying in a local hotel with a friend or private nurse, or staying at a local bed and breakfast that specializes in cosmetic surgery patients. We'll discuss all those options with you!

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When you leave San Francisco, you will have comprehensive written instructions, and we will contact you by phone or email to follow your recovery. Once you become part of the Barnett family of patients, we take good care of you!

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“I am a registered nurse… so after a lot of research and speaking to other physicians and fellow nurses… my decision was made. He is an artist and I believe the best in his field. Now my favorite thing to do is shop for bras. Thanks Dr. B, you are truly the best.”

-AN, RN, Napa, CA

“As a physician, I know about physician hype and marketing, the go to surgeon nonsense… Having lived and worked in the Bay area for many years, when it was my time I asked colleagues who performs consistently excellent facial work. Your name came up repeatedly… While I was impressed with your professionalism, it is the artistic, balanced, natural result that reminds me everyday that I made the right choice putting my face in your hands. Thank you.”

-LC, MD, Palm Springs, CA

“When I tell people that I have two adult children, they look at me and say, “You must have been a child bride.” Well I love the look on their faces when I tell them I’m 63. Sometimes I say “You know, Dr. Barnett is my secret weapon”, but most of the time I just say, “Oh, I guess I’m lucky. Good genes…” If they only knew! You are wonderful.”

-JG, San Francisco, CA





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